HM4 Thunderbolt “Flying Panda”

Over two days, the brand MB & F attend the charity auction in Monaco organized by the Only Watch HM4 Thunderbolt “Flying Panda”.The watch was made ​​in collaboration with Hankang Huang, a Chinese artist.The company was introduced to Huang Hankang few years ago, when Maximilian Bussereau, founder of MB & F was impressed by a painting of a bear panada, Hankang’s work, which he and bought it.

HM4 Thunderbolt “Flying Panda” (1)

Hankang Huang did not hesitate when he was asked to help design a unique clock for Only Watch. The artist says “I saw the MB & F as an art and not a watch factory”.We believe that MB & F starts a new tradition: in 2009 the brand has collaborated with another artist, Sage Vaughn, to watch from the Only Watch.Brand models we have used novel and unique design in May. Now, besides the unusual shape of the model has a bear HM4 panada Flying attached.The casing is made ​​of titanium grade 5 and is a set of 65 components. Panda Bear is made of 18 k. white goldThe “Binoculars” has a width of 54 mm, a length of 52 and 24 mm thick. Flying Bear is removable and has his signature on it Hankang Huang.The sapphire has five windows: two for the dials and three to be studied inside.There are two dials, one for energy supply and one for time, both black. Replace are two, one for setting the time and one arm.

Mecanimsul clock HM4 Thunderbolt “Flying Panda” is a mechanic, built of 311 pieces. It has two springs for barrels, which is in parallel. The mechanism has 50 Jewels, a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.

The watch HM4 Thunderbolt “Flying Panda” comes with Huang’s sketches Hankang, which he shared his ideas on the model. MB & F hopes to Only Watch the clock to be sold at a price between 170,000 and 230,000 euros.



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