History in Pictures of the Christmas Tree in the White House

The decoration of the Christmas tree in the White House dates back to mid 1850 when President Franklin Pierce ,for the first time brought a tree inside the presidential residence for the feast of the Nativity.In 1890 ,the First Lady Caroline Harrison helped of decoration of the tree thereby laying the foundations of tradition ,developed in the time of Kennedy administration and maintained until today ,that the wives of Presidents to deal the White House Christmas Tree ,to imagine a unified theme of decorations each year(usually inspired in U.S. history, of aesthetics in fashion or current geopolitical issues for that age)and in some cases to order or made ornaments themselves.

History in Pictures of the Christmas Tree in the White House

In 1929 has imposed notion of “official Christmas tree” of the White House.History festive symbol was not without problems, however, in 1899, President William McKinley was even criticized for having had the idea to have a Christmas tree on the grounds that it does not correspond to an American tradition, but a cultural import of origin German. Theme of 1994, chosen by Hillary Clinton, was “The 12 days of Christmas”. The ornaments were made ​​by students from the faculties of American Art. Laura Bush decorated tree in 2005, in true lilies, glass ornaments and bright garlands . The theme chosen for it was “Everything is beautiful and bright”.George W. Bush and Barbara Bush was chosen that each of the 391 Christmas tree ornaments in 2007 is an area administered by the National Parks Service. “Shine, offer ,shares” is the theme of the 2011 Christmas tree, decorated in honor of American veterans, with medals and military orders, and greeting cards made ​​by children of military.


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