High-End Surfboard by Mercedes-Benz AMG

Yes, you read it right! The experts at Mercedes-Benz AMG are responsible for the creation of a magnificent surfboard named “Silver Arrow Of The Seas”, but if you were hoping to take it out for a spin on the waves yourself, we’re afraid that you’re all out of luck. And that’s because this exceptional surfboard was designed and manufactured specifically for famous Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara, who worked closely with Mercedes-Benz AMG in order to make this thing a reality.

Surfboard by Mercedes-Benz AMG (5)

The surfboard features its own built-in telemetry system that communicates with a transmitter placed inside McNamara’s wetsuit and keeps tabs on his overall performance. The surfboard is part of a limited edition of just 4 units, but all of them are to be used only by Garrett himself.

Surfboard by Mercedes-Benz AMG (2)

Surfboard by Mercedes-Benz AMG (3)

Surfboard by Mercedes-Benz AMG (4)

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