Hermes Has Launched the World’s Most Expensive Bag

What do you say about a bag made of gold encrusted with 1160 diamonds and gemstones?Well,this is the characterization for the most expensive Hermes bag launched.Hermes brought luxury to another level, launching a new line of handbags.Each bag Hermes of the four models that make up the new collection cost 1.5 million euros. Handbags are made ​​of pure gold is encrusted with thousands of gems and diamonds.The new bags are designed to be worn with the strap secured to the wrist. Main compartment is very small, not being able to put in even a pair of sunglasses.These masterpieces were created by designer Pierre Hardy, and for their design took two years. Each of the four bags of the new collections will be made in three original copies.

Hermes Has Launched the World's Most Expensive Bag (1)

Accessories are made ​​to be sold and bought, like dishes or couches,” said designer Pierre, for Elle magazine. “I try to make these items based upon my creativity personality“.The bag has crocodile skin pattern is accessorized with 1160 diamonds. “ It’s crazy, “said Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas. Asked if he thinks that will allow anyone to purchase this bag overly expensive, he said, “I have no idea. Maybe only if the person that will have two bodyguards. “

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