Hennessey 20th Anniversary HPE650 Supercharged Camaro

The famous American tuning company, Hennessey Performance, celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special tuning exercise. This is a limited edition 2012 Camaro coupe and convertible model called the HPE650. Only 20 of these cars will be available for the most demanding lovers .

Hennessey 20th Anniversary HPE650 Supercharged Camaro (9)

The 20 special copies of each Camaro will have 650 hp in turbocharged V8 engine. Hennessey proposes an interesting package of aesthetic changes, interior and technical. Finally, it seems that cars will be some collection that will be perceived as some of the most aggressive cars on the road.Hennessey Camaro’s 650 hp remove performance worthy of a super-car: only 3.7 seconds from 0-100 km / h, while the quarter mile in 11.7 seconds is achieved. And that because of changes under the hood.

On the technical side, under the hood of the 20 Camaro TVS2300 find a compressor supplied in black or chrome, with an air induction system HPW. In addition, the pistons are changed, as well as camshafts, upgraded to some HPE650. Even catalytic converters were replaced with high-flow type, as well as injectors. Exhaust ports are also stainless steel now, and all avacuare system.Electronics is now a managerizata HPE system, ready to make the connection between the compressor and optimum injection for more power. Suspensions are also 3 centimeters lower than the standard.

On the aesthetic,there is an extension to and thresholds CarbonAero of carbon, of course, chrome wheels or black piece Hennessey, HPE650 logo, emblem with the serial number on the dashboard and engine, especially carpets 20th Anniversary limited edition, hand stitching and a cap for the headrests engine customized with HPE.


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