Heat, New Makeup Collection from Giorgio Armani

American actress and model Megan Fox is the home star of the new campaign to promote Georgio Armani signed by the Italian house. After the spring 2011 collections launch Transluminence, makeup artist Linda Cantello created especially for the hot days of summer make-up line Heat.

Heat, New Makeup Collection from Giorgio Armani (8)

Designed summer, the new collection is meant to subtly illuminate any way. Box Four Eyes Palette eyeshadow tones Quartet in dusty pink, gold, bronze and brown pearl particles dress will look into a mysterious aura. The range of lipsticks in shades Sienna Rouge, Sable Rouge Corail brule Beige Dune and adds sensuality will your look.

Creamy blush duo’s Desert Rose and Sienna and tan Heat Bronzing powder will help you sculpted cheekbones. The line also includes Eyes To Kill mascara and nail polish in shade Sable Rouge.Italian brand also revealed women who want a good kissing lips just a new beauty product: Gloss gloss d’Armani. Fine texture, color and resistance to transfer infusion is remarkable attributes of a gloss.


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