“Heart of Africa with Jack Hanna” by Orient-Express Safaris

If you love to watch Jack Hanna’s fascinating Into the Wild stories, then you will definitely love this outstanding package offered by Orient-Express Safaris. One of Jack’s most exciting recent adventures happened in Africa, where all safari lovers dream of going for truly memorable vacations. Now they can turn their dreams into a majestic reality by choosing the “Heart of Africa with Jack Hanna” package by Orient-Express Safaris. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to recreate his amazing adventures in an 11-day vacation!

“Heart of Africa with Jack Hanna” by Orient-Express Safaris (6)

You will start your fascinating journey in Johannesburg, where private transportation is arranged to take you to The Westcliff Hotel, with views towards the Zoological Gardens. After a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep here, you will continue your experience by heading to Botswana, the place where the fun really begins! You will reach the Eagle Island Camp on the island of Xaxaba, a remote paradise where over 1,100 species from the majestic local fauna and flora will fascinate you every day.

Every safari enthusiast’s wish is to see Africa’s Big Five – the lion, leopard, rhino, African elephant, and Cape buffalo – and this package is meant to make this wish turn into a sweet and exciting reality. You will be able to admire nature from the Fish Eagle Bar which overlooks the Xaxaba Lagoon, or you can choose to get a little more adventurous and go on thrilling helicopter flights over the amazing African land and its fascinating wildlife. Just make sure you don’t forget to keep your camera with you at all times: this is a land of constant surprises and precious moments that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Your journey will continue near a fig tree and Leadwood forest, in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Here you will be accommodated at the Khwai River Lodge, where boredom is a word that has long fallen into oblivion. Activities are so various and exciting, that you will wish you never had to return home. You will certainly enjoy wearing night vision goggles on your after-dark spotlight safaris, but you must also taste the sweet experience of a professional body wrap and/or massage at the resort’s spa center.

Finally, the adventure will end beautifully at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. Here too luxury will make its presence felt in every single detail, to complete your dream vacation in a truly memorable way. You might say that it cannot get any better than this, but actually it can: your safari adventure will not only make you happy, but also many elephants, because part of the money you will pay for this journey will be directed towards the Elephants for Africa Foundation. The starting price for one person is $9,450, and this includes continental airfare and accommodations.


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