Headscarf Trend Spring/Summer 2011

Accessories have magical power to enliven the lifeless appearance.As a headband or turban, scarf will be an important accessory this spring, when it comes to hair.Floral prints and bright colors can help to meet the spring/summer ready for a new season, new trends.

Headscarf Trend Spring/Summer 2011 (2)

The perfect material for the headscarf is the silk .Emilio Pucci preferred to use the scarfs as a headbands but twice wrapped around her head.Giorgio Armani designed all the headscarves for elegance outfits and choosed colors as dark blue and indigo.D&G proposed us colorful headscarves and the designers from Moschino preferred cotton headscarves white white dots.

We have presented to you all the headscarves but  one important point is that you must know how to wear and how to choose the right headscarf.Its can be worn on the head inode in back or in a part.
For a elegance look you must to  choose a dark blue headscarf but for a casual outfit you can wear it whatever colored or printed.The turban is also a variant but this will grow old you.If you want a boho chic style you must to experience headscarves of various colors and prints.

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