Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs Can Take You Up To Dizzying Heights

Usually, you’d have to be skilled and resilient hiker in order to be able to ascent to the world’s highest peaks and reward yourself with the world’s most splendid views. However, if you want to witness Hawaii in its entire splendor from above, you can choose the “easy route” and climb the Haiku Stairs.

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs 7
Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs 4

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs

Also known as the Stairway to Heaven, this old and not necessarily safe set of stairs includes 4000 steps that will take you up to an altitude of 2,800 feet, right to the top of the Puʻukeahiakahoe Mountain. The steps date all the way back to 1942, and they were actually made using multiple ship ladders. The reason behind their creation was based on the military’s need to access a radio station antenna that was placed at the top of the mountain during World War II. Nowadays, the Haiku Stairs are ascended by brave adventurers who are looking for a thrilling yet highly rewarding hiking experience on one of the world’s most beautiful and exotic islands.

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs 6

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs 5

Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs

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