Haven iPhone 5 Luxurious Case Collection by Brikk

Haven is one of the latest collections by luxury brand Brikk. This line features three iPhone 5 cases, in yellow gold, platinum and solid pink gold. The price for a unit ranges from $11, 610 to $14,235. Each item is the work of skilled artisans who craft the products by hand. The platinum version of the case boasts more than 100 grams of platinum, whereas the gold versions boast more than 75 grams of gold each. The label uses materials that are rarely used in consumer market, which makes the items the more valuable. In addition to that, you can order a personalized case which can be set with a precious stone of your choice. The pieces are available in the Brikk store in Los Angeles and can also be ordered from the brand’s online store.

Haven iPhone 5 Luxurious Case Collection by Brikk (2)

What is even more interesting is the fact that Brikk adopted the “profit for philanthropy” model. This way, a certain amount of the money they receive for every item sold is used to help regions like Sahel and Somalia, which are in need of food supplies.

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