Happy Rizzi House in Brunswick, Germany

Even though its development, construction process and very existence were surrounded by controversy, the Rizzy House eventually earned a place among the old and sober-looking buildings of the city of Brunswick in Germany. Colorful, lively and always ready to put a smile on our faces, the Rizzi House was designed by an American pop-artist named James Rizzi, who unfortunately passed away in 2011.

Rizzi House in Brunswick 1

Rizzi House in Brunswick 3

Rizzi House in Brunswick 4

With the help of architect Konrad Kloster and gallery owner Olaf Jäschke, James managed to add a touch of color and joy to an otherwise sober part of Germany. Naturally, there were many who opposed the idea of a childish landmark placed right in the middle of an old and historically significant city, but some of them eventually embraced the idea against all odds. The Rizzi House now represents a border between the business and historical districts of Brunswick, but it is also the legacy of a very gifted artist and probably one of this most significant works.

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Rizzi House in Brunswick 6

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