Halloween Treats to Make with Your Kids

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Your little one may be a bit too young to actually bake the goodies alone, but while you take care of all the flour measuring and ingredient mixing, he or she can start planning the perfect decorations for the Halloween treats-to-be.

Here you have a few great and simple ideas to start from. Share them with your kid and prepare yourself for some really cool culinary works of art. Those homemade treats will be not only tasty but also very funny looking, exactly how everything should be on Halloween!

1. Skeleton Cupcakes

Skeleton Cupcakes

Invite your son or daughter to help you bake a few cupcakes for the Halloween dinner. Don’t hesitate to let him get involved in the process – this holyday is much more about children than it is about us, adults. You can even pretend that you really need help from that tiny pair of hands when you put the composition into the pans.

After you take the cupcakes out of the oven, start to unleash the kid’s creativity! Spread a bit of chocolate cream frosting on top of each cake and then encourage your little one to make cute skeleton shapes out of white marzipan and place them over the frosting.

2. Sweet Ghosts

Sweet Ghosts

You can make your own candies on a stick at home, or you can simply buy them from the local store. The best part comes next, when you and your children start decorating each one of them.

Transform an ordinary lollipop into a cute ghost by wrapping it with white marzipan. You can also use white paper tissues if you want to. For eyes and mouth use either black marzipan or a black marker if you prefer working with paper.

3. Spooky Pudding

Spooky Pudding

It’s so easy to turn your child’s favorite pudding into a spooky little treat! You can go with any color for the pudding itself, but we suggest you pick a more “monstery’ hue, like green or orange. Pour the composition in transparent plastic cups and then summon your kids.

They can adorn the top of the pudding with all sorts of dark fruit and chocolate. Then they can draw funny or gloomy faces on the cups using black markers. It’s that easy!

4. Creepy Eye Meringues

Creepy Eye Meringues

Eyes on a tray don’t sound too appetizing, but they sure sound like tons of fun! The adult needs to prepare the meringues (which are actually very easy to make) and then leave the rest to the kids.

All they need for a perfect result is a few M&Ms that they will use for irises, and a bit of red food coloring to draw those eerie eye capillaries. Of course, meringues can be used for many other fun Halloween creations, so feel free to unleash your imagination!

5. Spider Cookies

Spider Cookies

Cookies are some of the easiest sweets to make, and they are excellent starting point for various fun Halloween decorations. Our suggestion: spider cookies!

Your freshly baked cookies can become cute little spiders with only a few very handy props. What your kid needs is a few chocolate sticks for legs, chocolate pralines for heads, and colorful M&Ms for the eyes. The rest is literally a child’s play!

6. Witches’ Hats

Witches’ Hats

Turn something scary into something delicious! Here is how a witch’s hat can become a tasty little treat for you and your Halloween guests.

What you need for this culinary work of art is several dark and pointy ice-cream cones, some chocolate cookies, a few M&Ms and a little colored frosting. Make one hat at a time like this: first fill the cone with something sweet (candies, cotton candy, pudding, etc.) and then place it upside-down on the cookie. Seal it on using colored frosting and decorate the whole thing with M&Ms. Next, just be very proud of your work!

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