Halloween Costumes Of the Celebrities

As every year ,at the end of October,not only Americans celebrate Halloween.Many buy pumpkins to decorate their homes or to make lanterns famous carnival atmosphere complete.But this year Halloween fell as could not be worse:in the middle of the week.Parties have begun last weekend and the starts already participated in a few.Stars used Halloween as an excuse to dress very bold ,the line between sexy and vulgar.

Halloween Costumes Of the Celebrities (3)

Kim Kardashian does not have too pleasant memories about Halloween, since this time last year put divorce from ex-husband, Kris Humphries, timop shortly after the wedding.However, this year Kim decided to put aside the past and enjoy the celebration costumes.She chose a mermaid costume with a bright green maxi skirt, a white top with shells and blond wig.Her boyfriend, Kanye West did not seem too excited of masquerade.A theme proposed by Kim and accepted dressed in sailor, but not wearing a costume itself, but a striped shirt under a blue jacket.

Fergie wore a very low-cut mini dress that left her bra in sight. Over she had a pink fur coat.As accessories she chosen wear shoes, sunglasses and earrings, all pink, of course.  In this suit, Angelyn Fergie wanted to be an actress “missed” passionate pink.Fergie’s husband, Josh Duhamel, dressed in Dennis Woodruff, an actor now broke.

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