Halloween 2013 Nail Wraps and Polishes

Halloween 2013 Nail Wraps and Polishes

Halloween 2013 Nail Wraps and Polishes

With Halloween knocking on your door, it’s time to address certain details regarding your costume, and if you’ve chosen what kind of “monster” you want to be this year, then it’s time to find a great nail polish or nail wrap as a final touch. Luckily for you, many renowned companies have already released special edition Halloween cosmetics, so you definitely have a great variety of choices at your disposal. Here are some great nail polish and stickers for Halloween 2013:

1. China Glaze Monsters Ball Collection

China Glaze Monsters Ball Collection

The incredible China Glaze Halloween limited edition collection includes 4 glittering tones named Boo-Gie Down, Bat My Eyes, Howl You Doin’ and Fang-Tastic. These four would definitely allow you to be the center of attention, but there is also an elegant midnight black textured nail polish called Bump In The Night as well as a Ghoulish Glow shade that comes to life in darkness. You can purchase these online or from Ulta stores for just $7.50.

2. Orly Halloween 2013 Collection

Orly Halloween 2013 Collection

If your Halloween costume involves shades of black and orange, then you should definitely have a look at the Orly Halloween 2013 Collection. The line includes two shades of each color but in different textures and finishes. If you are looking for a fluorescent orange crème or a bright orange crème, then you can try out Melt Your Popsicle and Orange Punch respectively. However, if black suits your tastes better, you can go for Liquid Vinyl or Goth.

3. OPI Rock Goddess Collection

OPI Rock Goddess Collection

The Rock Goddess set by OPI is all you really need for Halloween! This stunning, small package includes 4 amazing nail polish alternatives that are perfectly suited for the chilly months of fall. For just $12.95 you get the shimmery platinum shade Rolling Bones, the banana yellow crème polish Yellopalooza, the lime green crème polish Stand in Lime for Days as well as the Drummer is Hot reddish orange tone. Moreover, a black, adjustable woven bracelet with a skull is also part of the package.

4. Deborah Lippmann Wicked Set

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Set

The limited edition Wicked set by Deborah Lippmann was created honoring the 10th anniversary of the Wicked Broadway musical. Consequently, the three gorgeous nail polishes included in the collection were named celebrating the famous show. The pink shade is called Glinda, the green with a creamy finish is named Defying Gravity and the glittery emerald tone goes by the name of One Short Day. The whole set is retailed at Sephora for just $29.

5. NCLA Nail Sets

NCLA Nail Sets

If you want to obtain a great-looking manicure in no time at all, then you should probably turn your attention towards nail wraps. NCLA offers great nail wrap sets that can do wonders for your Halloween look. Highlights include Web of Lies and Dracula’s Bride, both boasting price tags of just $16.



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