Hair Twisting Using the Two-Strand Twist Technique

Twists can be used to obtain highly popular hairstyles thanks to their versatility and long-lasting looks. Apart from these advantages, twists are also relatively easy to create, requiring just a little bit of practice and patience.

Hair Twisting Using the Two-Strand Twist Technique (1)

If you want your twist to last for a while, you should wash and condition your hair before starting. Also, you can start off while your hair is either wet, damp or dry, but keep in mind that the end look will vary depending on your choice.  After you made up your mind, you should start creating your first section, but remember that all sections must come out equal at the end.  Go ahead and section off a piece, then apply a light, non-sticking hair gel. Furthermore, you should make sure that when you split the section in half, each side will be equal to the other in order to avoid ending up with uneven amounts of hair.

Take one section in each hand and start twisting them downwards one over the other. Smooth away any loose strands and keep an even tension on both pieces while performing this process. When you reach the bottom, use a holding agent and hold the hair for a moment, letting go gently so that the twist does not unravel. Then you need to choose a new section of hair and repeat the process.

Although some people use this hairstyle in order to obtain a wavy look when the twists are removed, you can actually maintain your twists for a few weeks if you prefer.  In order to maintain the look, you should focus on your scalp when shampooing and braid the ends of your hair if it has a tendency to unravel during washing. It is also good to wear a bonnet or a satin scarf while sleeping to hold the twists firmly in place. If they do get a bit messy, just mist them lightly in the morning and do some touch ups.

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