Great Barrier Reef – An Amazing Show

Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world, including about 3,000 reefs and 300 islands that stretch along the 2600 km and covers an area of ​​344.400 kilometers.  The area covered by reefs is greater than Ireland and the UK together. Reef is located in Great Reef in Queensland’s landfall in northeast Australia.

Great Barrier Reef - An Amazing Show (32)

When trying to describe coral reefs world, those who had the chance to explore it always use colorful language. All speak of magnificent gardens minerals, populated by strange creatures, shapes and stunning colors, the fight for food and space is intense and continuous. In some parts of the islands are grouped around real – in fact the summit of a mountain range much collapsed.

But great wealth comes from the 3,000 reefs, islands, sandbanks and lagoons, each in a different stage of development. Reefs are the result of 10,000 years, during which the ocean has risen to its present level after the last ice age. Great Barrier Reef coral provides superb color performance and over 10,000 unique marine species.Amazing place!

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