Grandiose house in Los Angeles

Situated in a very famous area ,this house is perfect for a rich person which preferes  simplicity and luxury.Even if outside, the house is simple, stepping inside her will be surprised by  its elegant and rafianamentul .House shows the simple lines and inspired by nature.

Grandiose house in Los Angeles (1)

So ,the interior design with  spacious  rooms , enjoy of the natural light has  a combination of lovely ,warm colours who are inspired by  the colours Earth.

The living room ,the bedrooms ,the kitchen ,the bathrooms have large windows and more space, and shades that are blend harmoniously with all other elements around.

This house has everything you want: an office and a library who have the  furniture in wood shades.Another advantage is a theater located inside the house,also , garage  gives us the impression that the car is in the house.

The exterior of the house ,especially the garden shows us the meeting between land and water.An impressive swimming pool from which we can admire the whole city ,numerous  sunbeds ,a wonderful view over the city  ,all these help you relax .

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