Gorgeous Resort Banyan Tree Lijiang in China

Winner of the Best Luxury Hotel Award and of the Best Spa Resort in China award, the Bayan Tree Lijiang Resort is located in the beautiful city of Lijiang in China. The retreat does a great job of living up to the reputation of the historically relevant city it is situated in.

Gorgeous Resort Banyan Tree Lijiang in China (39)

The sophisticated getaway flaunts a very nice setting, as it is situated at 40 minutes from the local airport and 15 minutes from the famous Dayan town, at an altitude of 6,500 feet, close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The resort’s architectural design is inspired by the Chinese and Naxi cultures. The influences it flaunts come from the two peoples that inhabit the place, Tibet and Han China civilizations to be more precise. Of course, the typical roof style is omnipresent, as are the gold and russet tones.

The pictures shown below should be enough to make you fall in love with Banyan Tree Lijiang’s oriental beauty.

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