Gorgeous Nandana Retreat on the Great Bahama Island

Nandana is an absolutely stunning beach resort by Reus Architects situated in the western region of the Grand Bahama Island. The getaway comprises 5 villas and a Main Hall placed in the center. For this retreat, natural materials were extensively used. The getaway also flaunts a dock area equipped with three slips, some as long as 110 feet, that can host large vessels. It also has a stunning infinity pool that measures 120 feet.

Gorgeous Nandana Retreat on the Great Bahama Island (17)

The designers chose materials such as limestone for the exteriors and copper for the roof and Burmese teak (wood essence often seen on yachts) for the ceilings, walls, floors, exterior, some constructions placed in the Main Hall and also for the decks that surround the villas. Most of the wood essence used for the mentioned elements was refurbished from decommissioned Asian vessels. German label Teak Solutions provided 20 skilled carpenters to craft the teak elements. The process lasted about two years and containers of reclaimed teak as well as 300 teak logs were used. All the wood essence was purchased by the German brand and was then sent to India to be milled. Afterwards it was forwarded to the location of the retreat.

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