Gorgeous McLaren MP4-VX Tuned by Vorsteiner

The highly acclaimed tuning brand Vorsteiner recently unveiled their version of the McLaren MP4-VX model, which boasts improved visuals and aerodynamic properties across the board. To be more specific, the tuning company decided to make full use of a widespread array of carbon fiber elements, since this particular material is well known for being highly durable and lightweight at the same time.

Vorsteiner McLaren MP4-VX (19)

But even though Vorsteiner was hell-bent on improving this gorgeous McLaren, its experts also wanted to preserve the car’s original soul and personality, and so they decided to stay true to the original layout as much as possible.

The end result is spectacular as you can see for yourself, but in order to give you a better idea of just what parts have been replaced or modified, we’re going to present you with the full list. As such, the Vorsteiner MP4-VX program consists of a 4-piece carbon fiber side skirt blade boasting a floating front fin, a carbon fiber rear diffuser with integrated diffuser tunnels, a splendid carbon fiber rear bumper with a central vent opening, a carbon fiber add-on front spoiler as well as a front bumper made out of the same material.

All of the aforementioned pieces were added using the original factory mounting hardware, which means they could always be replaced with the stock components should this be necessary.

Moreover, the MP4-VX also received a stunning set of one-piece aluminum forged alloy wheels that measure 21 inches at the front and 22 at the back, all being wrapped in high-end performance rubber.

Clearly an improvement over the original model in all regards, the Vorsteiner McLaren MP4-VX is a true engineering masterpiece.

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