Gorgeous Impression 494 Yacht by Elan Yachts

This superb 45-foot long vessel is called the Impression 494, and it was created by a Slovenian company named Elan Yachts. Its magnificent, modern layout was sketched out by skilled experts from Gigodesign, who made sure the boat would be able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes regarding comfort and luxury.

Gorgeous Impression 494 Yacht by Elan Yachts (9)

The vessel can be used for relaxing sailing trips across the world’s seas with great ease thanks to its two rudders. The interiors flaunt warm, welcoming living areas as well as a plethora of high-end amenities and high-quality decorations. Furthermore, the lounge is a perfect place for socialization and relaxation, featuring two U-shaped sofas as well as a large table with bench. Other facilities include a fully equipped kitchen and a navigation corner, complemented by exquisite accommodation options in the form of three cabins and three bathrooms.

The cabins ensure comfortable living arrangements and boasts ample storage facilities. You can admire the Impression 494 in the pictures below.

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