Gorgeous and Comfortable Aster Papposus Sofa by Edra

The uniquely designed sofa you see in the pictures is called the Aster Papposus Sofa, and it was sketched out and manufactured by a Tuscany-based company named Edra. This massive couch was created to appeal to the well heeled of our times, since it comes with a massive price tag of $75,000.

Aster Papposus Sofa (2)

What you get for that money is beautiful sofa that can easily accommodate you and your closest friends, ensuring a great hotspot for socialization and relaxation right in the middle of your living room. The Aster Papposus Sofa was made using two star shapes filled with feathers and polyutherane that were merged together in order to form the seat, armrest and backrest, all without using a rigid frame.

Considering its exclusive and innovative design as well as the fact that it is extremely comfortable, the price for this incredible sofa starts to become justified at least partially. All that remains now is to figure out where it would fit in your house.

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