Gorgeous Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, Canada

As one of the most impressive attractions of British Columbia, the beautiful Butchart Gardens can be found close to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and they represent a National Historic Site of Canada that is visited by a wide array of tourists and locals each year. The construction of these amazing gardens started over 100 years ago and it was commissioned by Jennie Butchart, the wife of Robert Pim Butchart. The Butcharts came to Canada’s west coast because they were interested in the rich limestone deposits required for the production of cement, since that was their trade at the time. After Robert extracted all of the limestone in the area, his wife decided to make something beautiful and majestic on the site of the old quarry.

Butchart Gardens (18)

Massive amounts of fertile soil were required to complete the endeavor, and so Jeannie brought tons of it by cart from a nearby farmland. In time, her hard work begun to pay off, and so the gorgeous Sunken Gardens were formed. But the Butcharts didn’t stop here, as they also created a splendid Japanese garden on the seaside, an Italian Garden on their tennis court and a Rose Garden nearby. The gardens were beautifully decorated with ornamental birds brought from all corners of the world by Robert himself.

All gardens were eventually gifted to Ian Ross (the Butcharts’ grandson) on the occasion of his 21st birthday. After he came back from WWII, Ian made it his business to tend to the gardens by transforming them into beautiful and self-sustainable landmarks. For the next 5 decades, Ian continued to develop and expand his grandmother’s work, and he even arranged for outdoor symphony concerts between 1953 and 1967.

Nowadays, the Butchart Gardens enjoy a vast number of visitors each year, no matter the season. This is due to the 900 species of plants that offer spectacular sights from March to October, while the serenity of winter and the wonderful Christmas decorations promise unforgettable times for all guests.

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