Gold-Plated NX300 Samsung Camera Up for Sale

What better way is there to increase the value of a certain product than by adorning it with spectacular, glistening precious metals? And since gold is the most spectacular metal out there, the outstanding Samsung NX300 digital camera received an outstanding gold makeover, which not only added to its overall beauty and value but also to its exclusivity.

Gold-Plated NX300 Samsung Camera Up for Sale (5)

The camera is part of a limited edition, and it can be purchased from Axiom Telecom’s online store for a staggering price of $2,700. Apart from its golden treatment, however, the gadget does not boast any other significant improvements regarding performance or looks. Therefore, its outstanding imaging capabilities still rely on its 20.3 MP sensor, while its 16GB memory card, external battery charger, external flash, two lenses (45mm 2D/3D and 18-55mm III) and two MC Protector filters ensure incredible performance and convenience.

Moreover, each gold-plated NX300 Samsung camera will bear its own signature and serial number for a plus of exclusivity and authenticity.

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