Gold-plated Nissan GT-R

Brigth car,isn’t it?Well,only in Dubai you can find such beauty because gold and bling are synonymous with Dubai.Recently another gold beauty was seen at the Emirate and this time it is a two-door gold Nissan GT-R.This gem is owned by a Japanese man ,who wanted to show off his success in life.Since  gold is a symbol of opulence in the Middle East and the region, what better way to show off your toys than have it parked at a popular mall in Dubai.Both the interior and the exterior of this car are amazing.

Gold-plated Nissan GT-R (3)

It has a  470bhp engine powering the 4 wheel drive .The sportster goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and reaches top speeds of just under 200 mph, thanks to a semi-automatic dual clutch gearbox.How chose the man to place for this luxurious car?No more less than  $160,000 for his car in gold.This gold-plated car still stays really impressive.

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