Gold-Plated Dartz Kombat for The Dictator shows up in Spain

“The Dictator”has new surprise. In his new film, “The Dictator”, Sasha Baron Cohen will play the role that parodies the Middle East leaders, like Saddam Hussein or, more recently, Colonel Gaddafi. Obviously, the luxury and opulence will not miss, and most importantly, protection guards cars will obviously be two models impressive Dartz Kombat .

Gold-Plated Dartz Kombat for The Dictator shows up in Spain (5)

Monsters of 5 tons is notable that will be covered with foil imitating gold, which, as shown in the pictures, makes the two giants to shine in the sunlight, is a statement about the status of sufficiently clear you are defending. Although talk of a movie, fashion gold machine (either painted or foliated) is not new but very popular in general even the Middle East, where gold black billionaires can afford such extravagances without problems considered by many a sign of bad taste and kitsch.

The new mockumentary, based around the story of ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, is scheduled for a May 2012 release and will feature Megan Fox among others.



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