Gold Phone with Vertu Diamond

Only luxury keeps alive. Although it lost the race with smartphones, Nokia has an ace up his sleeve: the phone Vertu Diamond Gold.When Mohammed Al-Haj, a marketing manager in Abu Dhabi told his friends that he wants for his birthday a mobile phone, not thinking of an Apple product, which has lead the smartphone market, but a phone from Nokia . But not every kind of Nokia, but a luxury Vertu.

Gold Phone with Vertu Diamond (2)

“It’s an accessory that is part of my way of life,” said Al-Haj, about its new phone, keys encrusted with diamonds. “People looked at him and say: ‘What nice phone!” And this makes me feel good. ”

Vertu has become the dominant player in the luxury phone market in the world, although in terms tehnologc is not very advanced. The new Signature collection model has no room to photograph, and the first touchscreen phone will be released this month. Vertu phones also use the old operating system Nokia, Symbian, although Finns have partnered with Microsoft to launch a phone with Windows.

Vertu phones, but are assembled by hand and made from materials such as titanium, steel or gold, with crystal screen and keys are inlaid rubies or diamonds. “Consumers do not buy a phone, but a jewel,” said Branchini.

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