Gold & Diamonds in the Bathroom

Gold & Diamonds in the Bathroom.Acquaviva AGand accessories for the bathroom.For those which love luxury to use gold and diamonds in a bathroom is a clear sign of some serious money and its love for these things.India has been a market that is said to be one of the largest consumers of domestic gold – Indians are obsessed with gold jewellery, investing their life savings into the precious yellow metal and often gifting it on auspicious days.The Acquaviva AGand company has designed the unique accessories for today’s luxury bathrooms.

Gold & Diamonds in the Bathroom (4)

Studded with Swarovski crystals, the collection which comprises Gel Dispenser, Brush Holder, Q Tip jar & Cotton balls jar which will not fail to grab attention. Even the bath and shower mixture will stand out in your bath area. These fab accessories are made of brass in its raw state and coated in electrolyte, chrome and 24 carat gold. Also each collection comes with its Certificate of Guarantee, so you don’t need to worry much about the way its handled.With these amazing piece you will may want to add to the bling with this diamond bath tub and the glamorous faucets from Maier to complete the look.

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