Gold and Platinum Sunglasses Personalized to Match Your Bentley Mulsanne

To celebrate one year of successful collaboration Bentley Motors and Estede has decided to created their first collection of limited edition solid gold sunglasses.The bad news is that the sunglasses are only for the Hong Kong, Chinese and Russian markets.If you want to be unique and different we recommend you to take a look at these lovely and stunning sunglasses.What has in addition they?Well they stand out by gold which is used for they.

Gold and platinum sunglasses personalized to match your Bentley Mulsanne (3)

This modern sunglasses can be picked up in 18 carat Red Gold or White Gold, silver palladium or 950 Platinum with a Bentley “B” set in a hand-polished enamel coating. They’re all hand-made in Germany with Zeiss polarized lenses, and feature Bentley-designed details and individual numbers.The sport sunglasses has UV protection with the “reflect the latest in lens technology with state of the art lens coatings”.For each variation will be make just 100 pieces.

The price for the limited edition gold variants start at € 10,000 ($ 14,410) while the other models start at € 7,700($ 11,095).But if you have € 31,500 ($45,390) you can buy a pair of platinum sunglasses.

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