Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Launched

The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain celebrates the 60nth anniversary of his ascension and will be celebrate from February to June ,with its royal splendor of Windsor but also consideration in the context of this period of austerity.British Sovereign wants to exempt taxpayers of “extravagant spending”, according to advisers to Buckingham. Prime Minister David Cameron estimates that “bill” for Jubilee Queen will be “9,000 times lower than the Olympics,” which will be held in London this summer.Yet celebrations will run until June. On March 20, the queen will record the important moments of his reign in a solemn speech in British Parliament. These historical moments will also be evoked in an equestrian show, with about 500 horses from thoroughbred Arabs, the American mustang, and 900 extras from different nations – Maori, Zulu, Inuit, etc., at Windsor Castle on 10 , 11 and 13 May.The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ,a 60-year old whiskey bottled was distilled on February 2,1952 and bottled on February 2, this year by Scottish Bottlers Gordon and Macphail.It includes the notes of rich malt, apple freshness, honey, cinnamon and allspice.The price for a bottle is of £8,000 ($12,600) and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 85 bottles of the whisky have been released worldwide.

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