Glamorous Disney Princess Collection of Jewels by Chopard

Not every princess is quite as wonderful as a Disney princess! Beautiful, gracious, kind and charming, a Disney princess comes from a world of fantasy and marvel, a place that every young girl would love to reach. Unfortunately, fairy tales are not real, but thanks to famous French jeweler Chopard, a small part of their magical world has recently become reality. Ladies and young girls can now enjoy the Disney Princess Collection of stunningly beautiful jewels!

Glamorous Disney Princess Collection of Jewels by Chopard (11)

Inspired by the most famous Disney stories, the collection pays homage to princesses of different backgrounds. For Princess Aurora, Chopard designed a pair of dazzling earrings, with two dissimilar pieces: one representing a tiny bird decorated with rose-cut pear-shaped amethysts, round emeralds, tsavorites, and paribas tourmalines, and the other representing two linked flowers adorned with yellow and pink sapphires, and sparking rubies.

The gorgeous Belle, dressed up in her yellow princess gown, would feel honored to wear this superb set of colorful earrings, ring, and necklace. Crafted from white gold and flaunting a beautiful asymmetrical design, the pieces are decorated with blue round sapphires, round, square and pear-shaped rubellites, kunzites, morganites, spinels, marquise-cut and oval amethysts, heart-shaped pink sapphires, and white and pink diamonds.

For the beautiful Ariel, Chopard crafted a pretty bracelet, inspired by the blue waters in which the princess used to live. With a dynamic design, the jewel features diamond-covered layered circles that resemble the scales of Ariel’s mermaid tail. Her lovely fish tail is also featured on the jewel, decorated with tsavorites and emeralds.

Hardworking and modest, Cinderella truly deserved her magical change, and this tiara and earring set is a perfect match for her princess gown. The glittering hair piece flaunts lovely white pearls, numerous triangular aquamarines, and scintillating diamonds, while the earrings feature one single aquamarine flower, a beautiful pear-shaped aquamarine drop, and a perfect pearl connecting the two. Truly magnificent!

Another flawless princess is the dark-haired Jasmine, who inspired the creation of one outstanding piece, a pendant necklace made of yellow gold and turquoise beads. The design of the necklace reminds us of the princess’s thick tail, while the color is obviously evoking her lovely turquoise outfit. The main drop of the jewel is a 283 ct pear-shaped turquoise cabochon decorated with diamonds.

Pocahontas was the one princess who did not live in luxury, but who had a truly special charm, which no jewel could ever replace or even match. Inspired by her rich culture, Chopard created a dazzling bracelet with tribal motifs and bright, vibrant colors. The piece features blue and pink sapphires, rubies, tourmalines, paraibas, amethysts, and of course diamonds.

The magical story of Snow White still continues to amaze children and adults around the world. Probably the most dramatic scene in the Disney movie was when the fair princess took one bite from the cursed apple and then fell senseless on the floor. The iconic apple was transformed by the master jewelers at Chopard into a stunning ring made of rose and white gold, and embellished with round rubies, emeralds, tsavorites, and brown diamonds.

Tiana’s story was also inspirational and filled with magic. Adventurous and brave, the young princess didn’t need any jewels to enhance her natural beauty. However, we are positively certain that the necklace that the Disney Princess Collection includes for Tiana would look simply stunning on her. The piece is decorated with glittering forest green emeralds, tsavorites, paraibas tourmalines, and flawless pearls. All jewels in the collection are on-offs, and they will be purchasable from the Harrods store in London, until January 31.

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