Gisele Bundchen Went Shopping With Her Daughter in New York

Widely famous for being the highest-earning supermodel in the world, Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen was spotted recently on the streets of New York as she was shopping alongside her 10-month old daughter Vivian.

Gisele Bundchen (4)

The 33-year old mother was wearing a pair of chic sunglasses, while her hair was flowing freely in the wind giving off a laid back, comfortable allure. The star was wearing a cool and comfortable-looking ensemble that involved a pair of jeans and a pair of black, high-heel boots, while Vivian was sporting a cute red frock, blue boots and white tights. Gisele did not choose to use a stroller for her recent shopping-spree, instead opting to carry her daughter in her own arms.

Career-wise, it would seem that she is still keeping herself quite busy, since she recently shared an Instagram snapshot of herself as she posed for a rooftop photo shoot wearing a plunging lavender gown.

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