Gisele Bundchen – was discovered in a fast-food and reached highest paid model in the world. Her twin sister hadn’t the same luck

Gisele Bundchen completely defied the typical recipe of “supermodel.”She is not just unique and she has a twin sister and has a classic beauty.Early career was put by various agents to make a nose reduction surgery because it was large and completely inappropriate for a model.Still remained natural and almost reached the point of becoming the first billionaire supermodel.Today celebrates 31 years so we invite you to read her story impressive.

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She was born on July 20, 1980, five minutes before her twin sister, Patricia. Family, six girls are half Brazilian, half-German. But luck was on her side: thanks to an absolutely perfect body, the 14 years since it was discovered, including now, 31 years, her career is in a continuous ascent. Her twin sister was not endowed with the same qualities, so … she became the manager!A trip, while eating with colleagues at McDonald’s in San Paolo, Gisele was asked by an agent if he does not want to become model. At the moment, thought it was a joke, but decided to try.

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After three years, moved to New York and photographers like Mario Testino and Steven Meisel have been fascinated by her and asked her. Meanwhile, appeared on at least 600 covers of magazines worldwide.

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With her first pictorial in Vogue and title of “Model of the year”in 1999,Gisele became officialy a supermodel.In 2000, aged 20 years caught a contract with a more than generous – the gang came from Victoria’s Secret Angels, where she became a colleague with names like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. Also in 2000, was called “the most beautiful woman in the world” by Rolling Stone magazine.

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.For seven years, Gisele was one of the most appreciated of the Victoria’s Secret angels. Charismatic and very sexy, every appearance on the catwalk, but the pictorial was spectacular.

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Also at 20 years, Gisele started a relationship with Leonardo di Caprio publicized. For 5 years, they were all separated and reconciled, and in 2005 split. The following year, she met her future husband, Tom Brady, whom she married after 3 years to 29 years. If after Leo left heartbroken about Tom, Gisele said that “there is not one bad bone in him.” The two became parents in the same year married.

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Gisele chose to give birth naturally, in her own bathtub. Was prepared for it throughout pregnancy, both physically and mentally, with yoga, kung fu and meditation. “I wanted to get into the most intense physical experience unprepared. It’s absurd. ”
She recovered figure in record time – just six months after birth, Gisele posed in a bathing suit again and made a statement that caused controversy: “There should be a law in the world to oblige mothers worldwide to breastfeed in the first six months of their children, “teaching against feeding babies with chemicals.

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Life after 30 years
Even if she wanted to withdraw from the industry, Gisele is still very demanding. Incredible show, so has no reason to give up her modeling career. Especially it is still among the highest-paid women who pose.In addition, her body is the most requested cosmetic surgery in offices – such as doctors give women when it comes to body shaping.

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