Giant Fish Tank Kitchen Island by Robert Kolenik

Still don’t know how to make room for a fish tank in your home? How about you just put it in the kitchen, under the sink? Oh, relax, we don’t mean hide it under the countertop. We mean display it there! Instead of the standard kitchen islands, you can go for a stunningly beautiful aquarium island!

Fish Tank Kitchen Island by Robert Kolenik

Created as a limited edition piece by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik, the tank is massive and yet allows for plenty of storage space as well. Its L shape permits the installation of cabinets and drawers on one of its sides, without disrupting the visual appeal. And for you to properly take care of your ocean-in-kitchen installation, the fish tank comes with a rising countertop. A simple push of a button gives you access to your little swimming creatures, so that you can to feed them and keep their environment perfectly healthy. Isn’t this just brilliant?

Giant Fish Tank Kitchen Island by Robert Kolenik

Giant Fish Tank Kitchen Island Robert Kolenik

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