Gaztelugatxe and Its 237 Steps above the Sea

Gaztelugatxe is a tiny islet in northern Spain, off the coast of Biscay. The island itself is quite beautiful, but what really makes it an exciting tourist attraction is the set of 237 steps that visitors must climb to reach a lovely little hermitage at the top.

Gaztelugatxe Panorama

Originally built in the 10th century by the Knights Templar, the small church holds interesting artifacts, such as offerings from grateful sailors who survived terrible shipwrecks.  A narrow stone bridge connects the island to the mainland, and people who cross it often feel like walking above the noisy sea. The views are wonderful too, which makes the entire experience a truly memorable one.

If you decide to count the stairs on your way to the top, you may reach a different number than what we’ve told you, but the truth is that there is no consensus on the matter yet. Some say that there are 229 steps, others say 231, and others swear that they’ve climbed 237 stairs. If you take the trip yourself, let us know what number you reach – it will be fun to hear about your experience!

Gaztelugatxe Panorama


Gaztelugatxe Steps

Gaztelugatxe Top ViewSource

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