G-Class Mercedes Revamped by Vilner Studio

Great car!This car called G-Class Mercedes was redesigned by Vilner Studio.In this car you can feel like a princes and princesses.Black on the outside,but the inside let you speechless.Why?Because Vilner Studio is knows for their amazing attention to details.That’s why the interior enjoys of fine leather and Alcantara.

G-Class Mercedes Revamped by Vilner Studio (17)

Alcantara is covering almost everything  from the plastic components of the seatbelt  to the rear-view mirror.To be more unique ,Vilner Studio added also a delicate chrome details which help to give a more elegant air. The ceiling is divided by a back strip of Alcantara, and these shiny chrome details.The color of leather gives the whole interior a luxury ,elegant,spacious,style sense. Well ,this is not all that Vilner Studio prepared for this unique beauty.The package also includes a Ground Zero sound system.No word about the price of this car.




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