Futuristic Golf Cart Concept by Mercedes-Benz

Even though there have been some attempts at glorifying golf carts over the last few years, the mainstream opinion regarding these mini-cars is that they are meant to provide golfers with the simple means of going from A to B. Well it seems that the renowned German automaker Mercedes-Benz does not share the same vision, so its experts started spending their time working on an ambitious project named “Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart”, which was unveiled during the 2013 British Open Golf Tournament.

Futuristic Golf Cart Concept by Mercedes-Benz (6)

Now as any Mercedes-Benz product, this golf-cart concept was created with luxury, practicality and innovation in mind. This golf-cart will actually be road legal as well, so it could be driven on normal roads just as easily as on the green. Moreover, an iPad placed on the center console will help the user stay in contact with the clubhouse, while providing information regarding the weather, news and other topics of interest.

The car will be equipped with an electric motor powered by solar energy, which is perhaps one of the vehicle’s most impressive features. Other details include a retractable lightning rod for a plus of safety during rainy days, heated seats and a special windscreen that turns dark at the touch of a button.


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