Future Stadiums in Qatar

Qatar, a small country in the Persian Gulf, but a lot of money, only to spend the best backs in Qatar FIFA.Qatar proposes a daring project in the near future. Little Arab state wants to hold the competition in 2022 supreme football World Cup.To see their dream come true and became the first Arab country hosts World Cup, Qatar is ready to invest $ 4 billion in five super-stadiums.

Future Stadiums in Qatar (4)

Qatar showed that the five stadiums will be built if elected host World Cup in 2022.Architecture arenas seems to be detached from the science fiction firm , imagination Arabs in this area is worthy of envy.One of the five stadiums will be built in the shape of shells, fans can go to parties on the water, floating taxis.Heat will not be a problem announces Arabs. Temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius will be adjusted for optimal air conditioning to be installed huge in every stadium.

Al-Khor Stadium
– Viewers overlook the Arabian Gulf
– In the shape of shell
– Capacity: 45 330 fansFuture Stadiums in Qatar (4)

Al-Rayyan Stadium
– The entire facade of the stadium is covered with LCD screens
– Capacity: 44,740 seatsFuture Stadiums in Qatar (3)

Al-Shamal Stadium
– The stadium to get a water taxi
– Is 30 minutes away from Bahrain
– Seats: 45.120
– Shaped like a fishing boat in the Gulf ArabicFuture Stadiums in Qatar (2)

Al-Wakrah Stadium
– Will be built in the middle of a complex containing the aquatic center, spa, shopping, offices, restaurants
– The idea he wants to express construction: an oasis in the desert
– Capacity: 45,120 seatsFuture Stadiums in Qatar (1)

Al-Gharafa Stadium
– The stadium of friendship, the facade will be made ​​of flags of nations that will qualify for World Cup 2022
– Symbolizes tolerance and respect
– 44 740 seatsFuture Stadiums in Qatar (5)

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