Functional Mech Suit Called Kuratas Ready to Destroy You

Remember all those movies about killer robots rising up to enjoy the slaughter of humankind?  Yeah well, the creators of the Kuratas Mech Suit, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, says that isn’t possible.  The company out of Japan says that since it’s manually operated by a user within it, literally functioning as the pilot, this thing can only turn into a sadistic gun toting killing machine if the human within it wills it to.  Oh yes, this makes me feel much better about the whole idea.  Take a look at the video below to see this mech suit in action.  Tell us what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom.

Functional Mech Suit Called Kuratas Ready to Destroy You (1)

Sure, the weapons advertised in the video are safe for use against humans, but the advertised Kuratas comes as a ‘kit.’ Assembly required means the user has to have some know-how in order to complete the package, and it can be assumed that whoever would buy something like this would at least have some background knowledge in robotics.  So THAT means that whoever buys this could simply swap the non-lethal weapons for the lethal ones, and probably get around any protocols that didn’t allow for that to happen.

Functional Mech Suit Called Kuratas Ready to Destroy You (2)

I’m not saying that you’ll be seeing this thing on the nightly news tearing up and destroying large swaths of Japan, I’m only insinuating it. I know this thing is in limited production, as there is only one of them in existence currently, but I hope that there is at least a background check that is run on the person who buys this thing.  Having the Gatling gun operate by smiling from the operator sounds like just the thing a crazy person would want to have as a feature in their Mech Suit of destruction.

Let us know what you think about this beast at the bottom, and whether this thing should even be available on the market. At just over a million USD, this thing is not cheap, but at the same time, not out of reach of a corporation or a wealthy individual.

Check out the Suidobashi Heavy Industry website for some extra enjoyment, and check out the Kuratas Wikipedia page for more information. Make sure to comment at the bottom!

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