Formula 1 Celebrities and Their Watches

High-end luxury watchmakers and Formula 1 stars seem to have a profitable agreement that works very well for both sides. The celebrity receives an exquisite timepiece, and the manufacturer gets to promote his brand through the famous race drivers’ popularity and attention.

Formula 1 Celebrities and Their Watches (3)

Following this trend, nearly every acknowledged Formula 1 driver owns an amazing watch that discretely promotes its maker.Therefore, we comprised a small list of well-known Formula 1 drivers and their luxury watches.

First one up is German Formula 1 pilot Sebastian Vettel, and he endorses Casio. The Edifice collection by Casio features watches that are well known for their durability and masculine design, inspired by the speed and energy of motor sports.

Next on the list is Michael Schumacher, the brand ambassador of Omega watches. Omega is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne and they are the world’s leader in sports timekeeping. They also have a very impressive history and a long list of incredible achievements behind, including the first watch on the Moon in 1969. Schumacher was seen wearing his Omega wristwatch on numerous occasions, in professional and casual postures alike.Formula 1 Celebrities and Their Watches (3)

Last but not least, we present Lewis Hamilton and Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer is a luxury watchmaker based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and they are widely appreciated among prosperous personalities. British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is the brand ambassador for Tag Heuer, and he seems to enjoy showing off his luxurious timepiece from the Carrera collection.Formula 1 Celebrities and Their Watches (1)

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