For The Queen of England An Unique Watch

Watch brand created a new and unique mechanism that holds the legendary 101. This watch was made in honor of the Queen of England, which celebrates 60 years of coronation. Jérôme Lambert, CEO Jaeger LeCoultre said that “the whole family from Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie jewelry is proud to see 101 again in the royal collection.” Mechanism is composed of 98 parts and weighs less than a gram.

For The Queen of England An Unique Watch (1)

Queen Elizabeth II of England was crowned in 1953, even though she had climbed on the throne since 1952. Coronation day, she wore a watch hand created by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which was equipped with a mechanism that was already known.Each gemstone is carefully placed in the right place. The watch is something rarely seen in jewelry and watches namely, fluidity. All components are connected with each other, without a break.Along with diamond jubilee of Queen, Jaeger-LeCoultre offered as a gift this the royal house watch.

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