Flying Yacht for Arab Prince

Octuri, a company that designs vehicles “unconventional”, recently made ​​a flying boat to Prince Aziz, director of Masqat Airways Yacht is 27 meters wide, but when preparing for separation of surface water spreads its huge sails, with a scale of about 100 meters. The vehicle will allow Arab magnate to travel about 600 km (range) along the coast of Oman. How it works?Is based on a yacht with two decks, but can transform into winged sails. Form of sailing, the device moves through the 1300 square meters of sail. To fly, the pillars that support the sails are folded horizontally, transforming into wings.

Flying Yacht for Arab Prince (7)

The device, as if dropped from the film “Transformers” under the main deck has a kitchen, a toilet, a living room and a small closet. Because the room is below sea level, the windows are located exactly at the water mirror. Of course, if there are waves. Upper deck houses three rooms and a bathroom.Yacht moving in air at a speed of 390 km / h, with a range of 600 kilometers. Form of sailing, with wings lowered, the vessel has a length of 46.2 meters, a width of 27 meters and a height of 50.7 meters.

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