Flawless Diamond Weighing 101.7 Carats Auctioned at Christie’s

A flawless pear-shaped D Color diamond that weighs 101.73 carats went under the hammer at Christie’s auction in Geneva. This rare gem is a Type IIA with a D color and is one of the largest pear shaped diamonds in the world. The precious stone is considered to be one of the most perfect of its kind. The diamond was evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America. In order to understand how valuable the stone is, you should learn that GIA are known for having the strictest criteria when it comes to grading a gem. The perfect grade is rarely awarded.

Flawless Diamond Weighing 101.7 Carats Auctioned at Christie’s

The precious stone was discovered in Botswana, in the Jwaneng mine. It initially weighed 236 carats. The process of cutting and polishing the diamond took an impressive 21 months of work. Transforming the rough gem into the beauty that was auctioned in Geneva required talent and skill beyond imagination.

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