Five Of the Most Iconic Skyscrapers in the World

Five Of the Most Iconic Skyscrapers in the World

Five Of the Most Iconic Skyscrapers in the World

Even though they might not be the tallest, most beautiful or practical buildings in the world, the skyscrapers we are about to present are definitely the most iconic, each flaunting its own rich historical heritage and uniqueness.

1. Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was complete on May 1, 1931 after just one year and 45 days of hard work. As a symbol of New York and America, this iconic skyscraper was featured in a multitude of songs and movies, including the epic King Kong. Soaring up to an impressive height of 1,433 feet, the building was sketched out by an architect named William Lamb and required $41 million to finalize. As far as records are concerned, the Empire State Building was the world’s tallest building for 41 years, from 1931 to 1972. As a gorgeous addition to New York’s skyline for decades, this magnificent skyscraper changes color frequently depending on various occasions such as charitable events that are housed within its walls.

2. China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing

China Central Television Headquarters

With a unique, intricate and spectacular design, the China Central Television Headquarters is definitely one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world, even though it only measures 767 feet in height. The building was constructed in 2012 and required $600 million to complete. Due to its intricate and extraordinary layout, the CCTV headquarters earned quite a few awards presented by Dubai’s Cityscape World Architecture Congress.

3. Commerzbank Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany

Commerzbank Headquarters

The Commerzbank Headquarters is the tallest building in Germany, soaring up to a staggering height of 984 feet. This masterpiece of engineering and architecture was designed by a company called Foster + Partners, and it required $414 million to bring to completion in 1997. In order to understand just how amazing this building used to be when it was finished, imagine that it included a wide array of eco-friendly features regarding ventilation and lighting, which not only greatly reduced energy consumption but also enabled a certain degree of self-sustainability. As you probably figured out, this was a very big deal back in 1997, and it made the Commerzbank Headquarters appear the most futuristic and modern building in Frankfurt at the time.

4. The Shard, London

The Shard

London’s The Shard is just a little bit taller than the Commerzbank Headquarters, boasting a height of 1,017 feet. The skyscraper was reportedly sketched out for the first time on the back of a restaurant menu in Berlin by architect Renzo Piano. It was completed 12 years later in November 2012 at the cost of $666 million. As the tallest building in the European Union, The Shard offers exquisite panoramas over the city of London, which can be admired in full from its viewing floors called The View from The Shard.

 5. Elephant Tower, Bangkok

Elephant Tower

Since the elephant is seen as Thailand’s national animal, it makes sense that the country’s capital (Bangkok) would include a representation of the magnificent beast in one way or another. And what better way is there to pay tribute to a national symbol than by constructing a superb building in its honor? Bangkok’s Elephant tower vividly resembles an actual elephant and boasts a height of 334 feet. Furthermore, it was built in 1997 following the specifications of Thai engineer Arun Chaiseri, who made sure it would include a series of high-end suites, offices as well as a shopping plaza.

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