The Five Largest Parking Lots in the World

People can build some truly amazing stuff, and we’ve proven this over the many years of civilization on Earth. What started out as giant pyramids and mysterious monolithic structures has gradually evolved into mind-blowing technologically-advanced buildings that continuously shape the horizon.

Largest Parking Lots in the World

The numerous vertical monsters that we’ve erected are so visible that we tend to forget about the many things that we’ve created on a horizontal plane. This article is dedicated to the less obvious giant structures of human kind: the very practical parking lots.

West Edmonton Mall (20,000 spaces)

West Edmonton Mall

This thing has made it into the Guinness Book of World records. Interestingly enough, the shopping center around which it was built is not the largest in the world. With 20,000 parking spaces, the garage-slash-lot is impressive indeed, but some people argue that it actually is a collection of individual lots and not one massive unit. Potato – potato.

Seattle Sea-Tac Airport (13,000 spaces)

Seattle Sea-Tac Airport

This is the largest single-building parking lot in the States. It boasts 13,000 spaces, but only 9,000 of them are currently available to the public. The remaining 4,000 are filled with rental cars at the moment, but there are plans of relocating all those vehicles to a separate facility, leaving even more room for public parking.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, McNamara Terminal (11,500 spaces)

McNamara Terminal Parking

Also a record breaker, this gargantuan parking structure is the largest of its kind to have ever been completed at one time. It is part of the recently renovated McNamara Terminal in Detroit’s airport and people do get lost here every now and then. The 10-story building features an enclosed walkway that directs passengers to the terminal.

Universal Studios, South Facility (10,200 spaces)

Universal Studios, South Facility

Giant companies need giant parking lots, right? There are two enormous parking structures at Universal Studios, with the South Facility being only slightly larger than the other one. With 10,200 spaces in one building and 9,200 in the other, the complex is obviously one of the largest in the world.

Disney World, Magic Kingdom and Epcot Lots (12,000 + 11,000 spaces)

Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Yup, this magical place is also on the list. We are talking about 40 square miles of Disney land, so it’s not exactly surprising that many parking spots are needed. The Epcot parking structure is the larger of the two, spreading over 160 acres, or about 7 million square feet – whichever is easier for your mind to grasp. Maybe comparing it to 140 NFL football fields will help you understand its vastness even better.


2 comments on “The Five Largest Parking Lots in the World

  1. Justin

    Interesting list, but at least a couple of the photos are inaccurate. The photo under Universal Studios is actually of Disneyland Paris. Under Disney World, the parking lot in the photo is neither the Magic Kingdom’s or Epcot’s, it’s the lot for the Hollywood Studios park.


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