Five Intriguing and Interesting Superstitions

Five Intriguing and Interesting Superstitions

Five Intriguing and Interesting Superstitions

No matter where you grew up, you definitely heard about a wide variety of superstitions during your upbringing, and even though you never quite knew if they were true or not, you still might respect some of them out of habit. We’re here to tell you a bit about the origins and significations of 5 of the most interesting superstitions.

1. Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors

Even though mirrors are a relatively modern product, they were actually around way before glass mirrors were invented. In the old days, people would see their reflection in various bodies of water such as pools or ponds, which gave off a sense of mysticism and wonder, mainly since they were believed to reflect much more than your mere body, but your soul as well. This, of course, gave way to a wide array of superstitions regarding mirrors, the most common one being that if you break one you will experience misfortune for 7 years. To counter this effect, one would have take the pieces and bury them underground, preferably under the moonlight.

2.  Splitting Poles

Splitting Poles

It is said that if you walk around holding hands with someone and you come across a pole then you should both walk on the same side and not split your bond, as this will ensure an unfortunate event. If you do split a pole however, you should both say the words “bread and butter” as this signifies togetherness and union.

3. Walking Under a Ladder

Walking under a Ladder

Walking under a ladder has been seen as a representation for bad luck for a very long time, since ladders are widely regarded as spiritual stairways to heaven. Therefore, if one were to walk under a ladder, one would disturb the spirits. To counter bad luck, you would have to spit three times and cross your fingers on both hands. Furthermore, a leaning ladder is sometimes seen as a symbol for the gallows, so walking under a ladder would seem as if you were encouraging your own execution.

4. Itchy Palms

Itchy Palms

Itchy palms are associated with money loss or money gain, and the rules regarding the subject are quite simple really. If your right palm itches, you will run into some cash, while if the left one itches you will lose some. Rule of thumb: don’t scratch the right palm!

5. Twitching Eyes

Twitching Eyes

Eye twitching superstitions are directly related to the old concepts of good and evil/left and right. It is said that if your right eye twitches something good is about to happen, while the left twitching eye heralds a death in the family. Nonetheless, as far as this particular superstition is concerned, most would agree that twitching eyes are just a sign of fatigue.

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