Find out Who Fight for Tropical Island Paradise Yacht

Roman Abramovich and Arabs fight on this jewel of 230 milion euros!How looks yacht with it own volcano,waterfalls and tropical beach. Tropical Island Paradise Yacht is the latest extravagance only for those who can afford it.It cost 230 milion euros and it is built only to order.

Find out Who Fight for Tropical Island Paradise Yacht (1)

The yacht which has a length of 90 meters  has as theme the beauty of an isolated island with elements inspired by the Caribbean.The main outside deck is a private beach with a swimming pool overlooking the ocean  powering by water from a waterfall that starts from the volcano located at the stern. The main deck is occupied by a secluded beach, framed by houses overlooking the ocean. Behind these houses, there is a bar area, a relaxation area and a common area for meals.

Inside the volcano there is a cinema, a library, a games room, a gym, spa and VIP suites – including a dedicated apartment owners, which is built over two bridges.Outside the yacht was designed to give the impression of waves that break on the shore when they reach volcanic island, while keeping the appearance of a modern yacht.

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