Find Out What Your Lucky Charm is Knowing Your Zodiacal Sign

If luck has been passing you by lately, you might be in need of a lucky charm that could bring it back to you. Here are the items that attract luck for each zodiacal sign.
1. Aries
You are a sign of fire, which means that bright colors are auspicious for you (red, orange). Your lucky symbols are the sun, the moon and the stars. For women, ruby jewels are excellent lucky charms. If you are a Feng Shui person, you can go with the Dorje Buddhist symbol, which illustrates the thunder.
2. Taurus
Your sign is governed by Venus, and the goddess’ favorite metal is copper. Your lucky accessories must be made of copper, but any metal jewel with gems can bring you wealth, health and love. Because yours is an earth sign, earth-sourced elements are your best choices. In order to bring luck to your home, hang a metal horseshoe above the door.
3. Gemini
Being an air sign, birds, butterflies and dragonflies are perfect for you. These winged symbols can bring you popularity, imagination, creativity and freedom. If you want to become more creative and communicative, you should keep a bird feather in your home or on your office desk. In order to chase away bad luck, you should always have a mirror on you.
4. Cancer
Your element is water, so your lucky symbols are fish, starfish, dolphins, or any other water-related symbols. If you want to attract happiness in your love life, wear pearls or shells. If what you need is good luck with your career, you need to wear a silver jewel in the shape of the moon.
5. Leo
The sun, the moon and the stars are the luckiest symbols of all. But because you are a fire sign, you should wear golden jewelry in the shape of fire or the sun. Cat symbols are also good for you, especially in your career. You especially need lucky charms when you go on long trips, because you are not exactly the most prudent person in the world.
6. Virgo
Being an earth sign, your best lucky charms are natural gems, especially those that have circular holes in them. You should also go for items that symbolize Terra, be them jewels or interior décor elements. For prosperity, wear items that symbolize fruit: apples, plums, peaches.
7. Libra
Like all the other air signs, you need lucky charms that symbolize birds. For business luck, always have a hawk shape on you. The hummingbird helps you climb the social ladder, while the swallow brings luck to your love life, just like the winged Cupid symbol. If you want to be able to successfully overcome any challenge, you should always wear an amethyst.
8. Scorpio
You are a water symbol, and the moon is your lucky symbol. The moon, just like the water, represents your subconscious, which can send you important messages if you learn how to listen to it. Star shaped silver jewels will bring you professional success, while snake and apple symbols can bring you happiness in love.
9. Sagittarius
Like the other fire signs, you need representations of the stars and the sun. The symbol of your sign will also bring you luck: the bow and the arrow. If you wear a heart and arrow pendant on your necklace, your chances of finding your better half grow considerably. For happiness in your love life, wear mother-of-pearl items.
10. Capricorn
As an earth sign, it is good to have a stone on you at all times – be it a precious one or a regular one. The best stone for you is the pink quartz, which helps you keep your focus in order to achieve your dreams. Amethysts help you avoid traps in your business and love life.
11. Aquarius
Creatures with wings bring luck to all air signs, including yours. In order to keep accidents away, wear a ladybug. The bee will help you avoid financial problems, while the gracious dragonfly will help you enhance your creativity.
12. Pisces
The element that governs your sign is water, so your lucky symbols are the sea, the waves, rivers and waterfalls. Among metals your best choice is silver, while your lucky stone is emerald. Also auspicious for you is Neptune’s trident. If you want to be successful in your love life and also become more communicative, wear a silver dolphin pendant with your necklace.

Find Out What Your Lucky Charm is Knowing Your Zodiacal Sign

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