Figures From the Backstage Victoria’s Secret Show

Find out how much win angels and how much has cost the fabulous presentation.The hottest models pf the moment ,famous singers ,extravagant accessories and spectacular underwear-something like this could be described the annual Victoria’s Secret Show.But behind that are some figures .Discover these figures (models  fees,cots of the production and number of people involved)behind this spectacular production.

Figures From the Backstage Victoria's Secret Show (8)

The first Victoria’s Secret presentation was in 1995.It was a modest event ,extremely  removed of glam current shows and was held at the Hotel Plazza in Manhattan.Since 2011 when it was broadcast by ABC  for the first time ,the presentation turned into a hyper-publicized event,which bring  to the brand a image capital and huge profits.This year’s show was broadcast by CBS,which paid for broadcast rights- $ 1 million,in over 180 countries and it has cost $ 12 million.

However ,it may  to be the best investment in a company PR in history if we think that the brand earned a profit of $ 5.5 billion last year .But this event not only help to promote the company’s underwear, but it is considered and a real springboard for models who participare.Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks,two of the former glories of the show used their derived fame  ,from it to build real media empires.

The main angels from Victoria’s Secret earns about $ 5 million per year (Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes),and those who haven’t signed contracts with the company received about $ 10,000 to scroll the catwalk.

The figures of the show this year:

• $ 5 million: angels major fee per year

• $ 2.5 million: Diamond Fantasy Bra price

• $ 10,000: the amount received by the models for one-hour presentation

• 105,000: the number of inlaid Swarovski crystals on the wings worn by Alessandra Ambrosio

• 142: Diamond Fantasy Bra in bra worn by Miranda Kerr

• 100: CBS staff

• 69: held

• 50: stylists

• 36 models (one record so far!)

• 21: make-up artists

• 19: Hair Stylist

• 3: dogs trained to find bombs




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