Fiat 500 Refrigerator by Smeg Is Called SMEG500

The SMEG500 is a fully functional refrigerator that was created by an appliance manufacturer called Smeg in 2013. Smeg’s experts used the actual front end of a classic Fiat 500 car for this very special project, but instead of featuring an actual engine under the hood, this half Fiat 500 now has a chilly 26-gallon icebox in there.

Fiat 500 Refrigerator by Smeg 1

The SMEG500 also features a removable glass shelf as well as three removable bottle holders, and its headlights can be turned on or off according to preference. Measuring just 830 by 125 by 800mm, this stunning fridge originally came in green, blue or white colorways, but its creators also introduced a bright red version into the fold. The price for such a unique and iconic appliance is approximately $8,200, but we think that it is well worth the cost considering its great looks and heritage.

Fiat 500 Refrigerator by Smeg 2

Fiat 500 Refrigerator by Smeg Is Called SMEG500

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